RCV Holidays has designed various packages of various types depending on the group or the families concerned. Some package types designed by RCV Holidays are described below.


RCV Holidays has designed some packages specially for honeymoon couples.RCV Holidays has kept all options open for the honeymoon couples for the tour packages.RCV Holidays books the hotel accommodations in romantic places with beautiful nature within hands making their trip romantic. They don’t keep them with the other mob, so that their secrecy is maintained.


RCV Holidays has designed tour packages for only group of people for the tourists.RCV Holidays books special rooms in hotels, books railway or train tickets in consistent manners.RCV Holidays takes extra care for the definite group of tourists and tries to keep the arrangement for Volvo or taxi booking and other services in the same and consistent ways, so that the group can remain together.


RCV Holidays maintains good location for hotel booking for family packages and packages are designed especially for families. RCV Holidays always takes special care for the families and looks after each and every aspect of the package tour. The families of the tour packages require extra care for the trip to be in safe position.


Some locations are desired for winter seasons like Jaipur, Manali, in India. So, these are actually destinations for tour packages for RCV Holiday. So, these destinations are accepted as winter location of packages. So, winter packages are designed by RCV Holiday with the favorite locations for winter seasons.


RCV Holidays has picked up some locations to design its tour packages and has launched summer packages to cover the locations for the tourists. So, looking into the seasons, RCV Holidays has designed the tour packages for the tourists to enjoy the locations of summer.


RCV Holidays has designed tour packages with some adventures in built and the nature of adventures are described as follows:

  • Trekking

RCV Holidays offers trekking for the tourists in the hilly areas and the adventure is in built with the packages for the tourists.

  • Skiing

RCV Holidays has designed tour packages with the option of skiing wherever possible for the tourists.

  • Motor biking
  • Climbing
  • River Rafting
  • Safaris
  • Horse safari
  • Camel safari

In desert areas, camel safari option is provided for the tourists and the packages are designed with the adventure options above for suitable locations by RCV Holidays.