RCV Holidays offers multi-dimensional services to the tourists for their tour packages designed suitably.RCV Holidays offers package bookings which include hotel booking, air ticket booking, rental car booking for sightseeing and pick up and drop out facilities from airport or railway station for the tourists.RCV Holidays offers services to the tourists within budget and makes the tourists satisfied with the services in multiple ways.

Rail or air ticket booking

RCV Holidays offers services for booking of rail or air for the tourists for the journey for the packages. This is vital role of RCV Holidays for the tourists to take them to the proper destinations. So, by delivering this services, RCV Holidays makes the tourists happy by offering them comfortable journey near to the destinations.

Hotel booking

RCV Holidays holds the primary responsibility to book the hotel accommodations for the tourists for the desired tour packages. RCV Holidays books the hotels keeping in the mind that the tourists require comfort. With this view in mind, RCV Holidays books the most comfortable accommodations for the tourists for the number of days as per packages.

Volvo booking

When the tourists reach the railway station or airport, RCV Holidays offers transfer from railway station or airport by booking for hiring of Volvo. RCV Holidays offers the transfer from railway station or airport to the already booked hotels for tourists through Volvo.

Taxi booking

The tourists have desires to move to the sightseeing after reaching the hotels. RCV Holidays offers the services for the sightseeing by booking taxi or Volvo. The tourists don’t have to face problems for hiring of taxi or Volvo for sightseeing.

Packages booking (Tour and packages)

RCV Holidays offers booking of various tour packages for different destinations for the tourists. The packages may be of customized also according to desires of customers. Booking may be done online also. It is primary responsibility to keep the reserved seats for the tourists after booking. When the full payment of the packages is made, receipt will be issued by RCV Holidays.