RCV Holidays has designed various packages depending on the tour locations. The major destinations of RCV Holidays are Manali, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and OOTY. Various tour packaged are designed depending on the tour locations. Here is description of tour packages on various tour locations.

  • Himachal Pradesh

There are various tour packages designed by RCV Holidays depending on the locations in Himachal Pradesh. Manali, Shimla are the major destinations in Himachal Pradesh for RCV Holidays.

  1. Manali Tour package

RCV Holidays has designed special honeymoon packages in Manali with special arrangement of comfort and romantic scenario suitable for honeymoon couples. So, Manali has become popular destination for the tourists andRCV Holidays has grabbed the opportunity to design the place for its tour packages.

  1. Shimla Manali Tour package

Shimla is popular tourist destination and is famous for honeymoon couples.RCV Holidays has designed the tour packages depending on the locations of Shimla and Manali as the major locations of package. Shimla contains best hotels for honeymoon couples and RCV Holidays books all the best hotels for accommodations for the tour packages and honeymoon packages.RCV Holidays has also incorporated Manali for some packages in combined with Shimla.

  • Rajasthan tour packages

Rajasthan is state of prominent tourist destination due to its diversities within the state. The state contains major tourists’ destinations of Rajput emperors and their fortes and historical culture of that time. So,RCV Holidays has selected Rajasthan as one of the prime locations for tourists. Therefore, RCV Holidays has designed tour packages with the location of Rajasthan where varieties of wonders are waiting for tourists like pink city, Thar desert, Udaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Puskar and so on.

  • Goa tour packages

Goa is one state in the coastal area of western part of India. This state explores beautiful scenic beauty with the coastal area and has turned into major tourists’ attractions.RCV Holidays has designed the tour packages with Goa as the main point of attraction. So, RCV Holidays has picked up the major locations for designing the tour packages.

  • Ooty tour packages

Ooty is a town located in Tamil Nadu. It has been converted to major tourists’ destination due to 18 major places there to visit.RCV Holidays has designed tour packages taking Ooty as the prime location.