Trems & Conditions


RCV Holidays maintains certain terms and conditions with the visitors of the website. RCV Holidays offers the various products as tour packages and the visitors will accept after selection of the product.RCV Holidays sells the products and tourists purchase the products of tour packages as per offers floated to the website. The tourists accept the terms and conditions as written in tour packages and accordingly furnish all the personal information for booking.

RCV Holidays sells the product related to tour to the tourists as supplier and service provider.RCV Holidays is the supplier of transport, hotel, meals, cruises, and travel cars etc.The services are provided by RCV Holidays and the terms are agreed upon between the two parties as per contract. The tourists accept the terms and conditions and the price as per package rate. Some contents are floated in the website of RCV Holidays and these may be some conditions for the tourists for acceptance of the tour packages.RCV Holidays is sole vendor of the products of tour packages.

So, any payment made from the tourists, RCV Holidays holds the responsibly of keeping reserve the position for the packages. Any contents or software found in the website of RCV Holidays is licensed. Any increase of air tickets prices will be included later after the booking of the packages. The price of the packages will be guaranteed only after the full payment of the packages.RCV Holidays creates the documents of the packages after the full payment and sends to the customers electronically.

So, by considering the both sides of the contract, the deals with proper terms and conditions are designed to fulfill the dreams of tour packages of the customers.